Minimum Income: 582€
Social Housing Price: 737€
Showing properties of eight biggest social housing corporations in The Hague

2000€+ rent Soil Property Social Housing Arcade Wonen Haag Wonen Mooiland Staedion Stichting DUWO Vestia Vidomes WoonInvest
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This project is a research into the complex and multilayered housing scarcity issue in The Hague, Netherlands. The reasons behind this issue vary among historical, geopolitical and financial.

Social housing is arranged by privately owned housing corporations. Biggest 8 in the Hague are:
–Arcade Wonen
–Haag Wonen
–Stichting DUWO

To be able to apply for social housing you must:
– Register with the appropriate housing association.
– Get a housing permit.
– If you want to make use of social housing in a specific region, most municipalities require you have a legitimate reason for wanting to live there, for example, work, family or school.
– This rule differs per municipality.
– Adhere to the requirements of the housing association (income, family size). Have an income that does not exceed the limit mentioned above.

The income requirement for social housing does not apply to:
– Full-time students or PhD students who are planning to live with a maximum of one other student.
– Students from abroad.
– Dutch housing points system To determine the value of the property (and thereby the rent), social housing in the Netherlands uses a points system. Points are awarded for the size of the house, the facilities, and whether the house is self-contained or not. The rent is then based on the number of points the house attains.
– If you think you are paying too much rent, you can ask the Rent Tribunal (Huurcommissie) to do a rent assessment based on this point system.

Approximately 75% of the 3 million rental homes in the Netherlands belong to housing associations.
The associations may let 10% of their social housing to households with higher incomes.
Which means that in the Netherlands, there is potentially 225000 houses that could be used for lower income households. (source)

Social housing rental prices are growing each year. (source)

Min. wage (€1653,60) - max. social housing rent (€737.14) = 916€ left per month. (source)